Student section of SPE of St. Petersburg state University held geological case-championship "Vector".

Students of 1-3 courses of geological, geophysical and engineering specialties took part in the case championship. Their team of leading Universities, including Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg mining University, St.Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Ufa state petroleum technical University. 

Case – championship was held in two stages: I round ended March 12, 2018, II round - full-time, on the basis of St. Petersburg state University.

The results of the first round of the geological case championship "Vector" of the 10 registered teams in the competition continued with teams: Batholith, Granite seekers, 9 on the Mohs scale, the Dalai Lama.

On Saturday, March 24, the teams defended their case presentations to the jury.



The jury included highly qualified experts: Director of St. Petersburg branch of FBU "GKZ" Tkachenko Maksym, curator of the direction "Geology of oil and gas" (SPbSU Chief specialist, state reserves Committee, and Deputy Secretary of the North West oil and gas section of Central development Commission Rosnedra on UVS (Saint-Petersburg) Lushpeev Vladimir Aleksandrovich, postgraduate student, Department of Geophysics Gomonov Anton Andreevich. 



Also, in the second half of the event the participating teams took part in the game " What?Where?When?" on geological topics and performed interesting practical tasks.






Congratulations to the winners of the geological case-championship " Vector":

 1st place - "Batholith"

 2nd place - "Granite seekers"

 3rd place - "9 on the Mohs scale"





The participants of the case-championship on a serious research basis are engaged in the study of Geology, Geophysics, lithology and other related Sciences, which is proved by the presentation of the cases of the qualifying stage. In addition, a excursion to LCC “Gazpromneft STC” will be organized for the participants of the geological case-championship "Vector".

This case-championship is organized with the support of LCC “Gazpromneft STC”.


From November 30 to December 3, Baku hosted the annual student summit of SPE sections of universities in Russia and the Caspian region. This event is aimed at familiarization of representatives of the cells among themselves, exchange of experiences, development of leadership skills.




Within the framework of the summit, a number of motivational lectures and tasks for soft skills development were held, one of which was a case study on the elimination of the consequences of an oil spill at a conventional facility, as well as the calculation of physical and hydraulic parameters when working with an operated well. The presentation of the report was held in teams, in English. The main purpose of the report was to demonstrate their presentation skills. All participants of the summit successfully coped with the task, showed their skills to work in a team.

In addition, on one of the days the students were invited as listeners to the Annual Caspian technical conference and exhibition SPE. And on the last day a geological excursion to the outcrop near Baku was arranged for the participants, from which the study of the geological structure of the region began.







From June 31 to July 2, 2017, the Chinese international petroleum student forum CISPF 2017 was held in Qingdao, China on the basis of the Chinese University of petroleum CISPF 2017.

CISPF 2017 is an annual event aimed at students involved in the oil industry. The work of the forum is aimed at improving professional knowledge and skills, stimulating the development of innovative ideas and the exchange of information between student departments of SPE around the world.

More than 100 delegates from 18 universities in the country and abroad, including representatives from Beijing University, Imperial College London, took part in the CISPF 2017 forum.



Under the leadership of SPE Asia Pacific Chapter was organized a series of events " Frac "Frac-Fluid Challenge, competition software" Shlumberger", competition reports" Paper Contest", SPE Talk, which inspired creative thinking and contributed to international communication.




In 2017 CISPF the forum took part representatives of our SPE section, Ziganshina Rada and Pavelyeva Julia, who took 2nd place in the contest software "from Shlumberger". There was also a report of Yulia in the competition "Paper Contest".

No less important outcome of the forum was how well students managed to make friends regardless of the country of study and research topic. The forum led to a new stage in the development of professional skills and opened the horizon for further knowledge in research activities.

The first course of lectures from the LEADING specialists of LLC "Gazpromneft Scientific and Technical Center" was started by the student section of SPE, St. Petersburg state University in April of 2017 and, due to the positive response of students, again renewed in 2018.

The course included open lectures at the St. Petersburg state University. The courses were attended by students of various universities of St. Petersburg.

Leading experts of the Scientific and Technical Center told students in detail about the features of the development of hydrocarbon deposits, innovative methods of seismic studies, the difficulties associated with the study of carbonate reservoirs, methods of intensification of inflow and increase in oil recovery, as well as the economy of the oil and gas sector.

In 2017, a course of lectures was opened by Chief specialist of the management and development of foreign and joint assets Naugolnov Mikhail a lecture on the Analysis of the development of hydrocarbon fields and control flooding. Leading specialist of the Department of evaluation and analysis of projects Bekhtereva Elizaveta gave a lecture on the role of taxation in the oil industry, as well as the impact of met and export duty on the choice of the field development system.


Lectures were attended by more than 90 people, including students of St. Petersburg Mining and other universities.


Leading specialist of the Department of Geology and development of deposits Ksenia Medvedeva opened the revolving course of a lecture on "Methods of stimulation and enhanced oil recovery".

In April 2018, a practical course on working in the TechLog program will be implemented on the basis of SPBU. A distinctive feature of the course-a limit on the number of students. The course is intended for students with knowledge in the field of petrophysics and GIS. Competitive selection of students for the course on TechLog completed in late March.


Techlog platform occupies a leading position in the line of software products for well data interpretation, which provides petrophysics, geologists and engineers to develop an interactive and easy-to-use tool for the interpretation of all types of well data: core, logging, micro-scanner data, tests, core photos and much more.

Attending lectures from LEADING specialists of LLC "Gazpromneft STC" allows students to learn in detail about the theoretical features of various issues related to Geology, petrophysics, Geophysics and other areas, as well as the exchange of experience and knowledge with leading experts and students of the course.

Dear colleagues, as the New Year approaching, we are making plans for next year. Our section wants to remind you, that SPE membership need to renewed before the 31th of december 2017. 

Login to SPE.ORG account to renew your membership.

Conference Waterflood Optimization on Mature Fields will take place in Tyumen 24-25 November 2015 



For more information please ask Antonina Kozmina.



SPE Russian Petroleum Technical Conference will take place on 26-28 October 2015 in Moscow.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling

Conference Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling will take place 14-16 September 2015


 For more information ask Antonina Kozmina.


We present a novel, data-driven approach to integrated well/reservoir performance analysis and opportunity identification for mid- to late-life pattern waterfloods.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Digital Field Management

Conference Digital Field Management will take place in Petergoff, Russia 16-18 June 2015



For more information please ask Anotonina Kozmina.


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