Students of SPE student Chapter of SPSU attended the annual student summit of the sections SPE universities of Russia and the Caspian region

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  • Start Time: Saturday, 31 March 2018, 19:00
  • Event Type: Conference

From November 30 to December 3, Baku hosted the annual student summit of SPE sections of universities in Russia and the Caspian region. This event is aimed at familiarization of representatives of the cells among themselves, exchange of experiences, development of leadership skills.




Within the framework of the summit, a number of motivational lectures and tasks for soft skills development were held, one of which was a case study on the elimination of the consequences of an oil spill at a conventional facility, as well as the calculation of physical and hydraulic parameters when working with an operated well. The presentation of the report was held in teams, in English. The main purpose of the report was to demonstrate their presentation skills. All participants of the summit successfully coped with the task, showed their skills to work in a team.

In addition, on one of the days the students were invited as listeners to the Annual Caspian technical conference and exhibition SPE. And on the last day a geological excursion to the outcrop near Baku was arranged for the participants, from which the study of the geological structure of the region began.







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